Exercise Regimen

Week of June 20th-27th:

June 23rd- 50 min. BFL strength training: arms, legs, abs

June 22- Zumba class (45min)

June 21- 30 minutes on the elliptical (BFL)

June 20- Off

WEEK OF JUNE 12th-19th:

June 12th- Zumba!

June 13th-14th- Off, away at the island!

June 15th- 6 pullups at chin up bar (throughout the day-working up strength), Zumba for 45 min.

WEEK OF JUNE 5-11th:

June 8th- lap swimming: Breastroke & Crawl (plus a lot of warming up: leg exercises) 30 minutes

June 9th- Leg stretching/warm-up walk (12 min.), jog/run (18 min.)

June 10th- none, car was getting fixed so I missed my planned Zumba & BodyFlow classes at the gym

June 11th- BodyFlow AM, and 15min. on the elliptical


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