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A New Member of the Family

6 Jul

Okay, so I know my last blog was kinda on the heavy side.  So let me put your mind at rest- we stayed safe and dry from Hurricane Alex, my MIL was released from the hospital and on Thursday our new puppy was finally delivered!

So let me introduce you to: “DECO”  When we started talking about names for our new pup, my hubby wanted to name the puppy after a soccer player- I reluctantly agreed, but I denied the names “Messi” (everyone would think our pup was “messy”), “Chavi,” and “Giggs,” put my foot down when it came to “Drogba.” I mean really, who names their pet that?! It sounds like drugs. yuck! Finally, he suggested “Deco,” which is a soccer player from Portugal, who plays for Chelsea (England).  I quickly agreed since the names were just getting weirder and weirder! I think he’s been watching too much FIFA Soccer WorldCup 2010!

Deco puppy and Deco the soccer (futbol) player.  I don’t know, can you see any resemblance?! 😉

It very quickly felt like we were parents of a baby! Wow, I didn’t remember puppies being this much work!  He’s such a intelligent sweetheart, but 100% dog!  I was quick to find that he needed constant supervision or accidents would occur (I’m sure you can guess what kind!).  When he’s in his playful mood he must nibble on whatever is near his mouth, be it the leather couch or my hand (kinda like a human baby).

When I mentioned that I felt like a new parent on facebook, my mommy friends were quick to point out that unlike a human baby I could leave my pup at home when I went to the store, and although I might get up to take him potty at 2am, there were no multiple nighttime “feedings”(milkings?) required! 😛

Finally, after much play and chewing the baby fell asleep…

I may be a little more tired, but I can’t wait until tomorrow to do it all again! 🙂