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A Taste For Something New

10 Jul

So last night I baked Mama Pea‘s Banana Chocolate Chip Millet Muffins!  Ever since she posted it I’ve been hunkering for a taste of banana and chocolate.  So I waited, and waited, and waited for my bananas to get ripe. At least that’s the way it felt, usually I complain that my bananas ripen too fast in this hot and humid Texas heat.

I won’t bother you with the details since she already did a picture tutorial.  All I can say is, DELISH! I loved the slightly crunchy texture of the millet flour.  The food critics tasted them: me, the hubby, and the MIL.

My verdict: yummy, i love the banana and chocolate and texture.

Hubbs’ vote:”didn’t like the hot banana slice on top- said the chocolate and banana flavors were smacking him in the face.”  Liked it room temp though.  (Keep in mind he isn’t a big muffin eater)

MIL:  “Que rico!” Translation: very tasty!

In other food news I finally tried two food items that the food blog word is always raving about.  Sabra Hummus and  Cedar’s Tzatziki Yogurt Dip.

I’ve had hummus before, but seeing blog after blog after blog about hummus made me develop a huge craving for it.  I initially bought the Spinach and Artichoke flavor, which I used up the 10 oz. size after only a couple of days- it didn’t stand a chance! This past week I purchased the Roasted Red Pepper Hummus, which was equally delish! Luckily I still have enough to last me until my next grocery run.  If I keep making crack wraps with spinach it will be gone in a wink!

When I went to the Sabra website for stats on the yummus hummus, I found out that they have FIFTEEN, yes, 15, flavors of the yummy stuff!!  I think my local walmart only carrys 3-4 kinds!  I’m definitely going to check out some other groceries to find some of the other flavors! Chipotle Hummus and Greek Olive Hummus, Pine Nut Hummus, OMG!!!

QUESTION: What flavor of hummus should I try next?

Diana is always praising the Tzatziki so I gave it a go.  Very good- creamy and tastes like a yogurty version of sour cream and onion dip, although with cucumber bits added.  Very creamy and low-cal, only 35 calories, although not too many nutrients besides that- would be an excellent alternative to sour cream or ranch dressing (as long as you only eat a serving!)

I’m really enjoying my summer finding new and interesting food products to try! After all this talk of greek yogurt, I think I’m going to have to give it another try.  Tried it plain for breakfast in Paris and thought it tasted like sour cream! (not exactly what I was looking for for breakfast with my sweet tooth!)

QUESTION: What should be my next “special” food purchase?


Pepper Fries and Mini Meatloafs

28 Jun

Okay, so here is my first attempt at documenting some new recipes that I tried out this week! Forgive me if I am not clear enough, and feel free to ask any questions!

I’ve been enjoying my summer vacation off of work (I’m a teacher!)  and finding things to fill my days.  As I mentioned before, I’ve been reading up on some food blogs and they’ve inspired me to cook more creatively, eat a little more healthfully, and try new things!  Below are a few of my recent meals that turned so good, I just had to share!

Mini Meatloafs

These turned out SOO good! Very moist and tasty, although I think I can make them with less salt next time.  The hubby LOVED them!  I found the recipe linked from this food blog: mymarblerye .  It’s from Giada’s recipe on the Food Network, but she had the fun idea of using muffin pans to make mini meatloafs!  (I seriously love the idea- seems like an easy way to take some to work with me in the fall!)  Here’s the original recipe.

And of course, I made my own substitutions! I didn’t have parsley, so I used chopped spinach, and I didn’t have sun dried tomatoes, so I used marinated bell peppers.   I also had an epiphany that next time I will be making Chipotle Tex-Mex meatloafs.  Subbing in cilantro for the green stuff, and chipotle peppers in adobo sauce for the red. I’ll let you know when I try it.

I also made some pepper fries.  After seeing Rachel Ray make some on her talk show I had to try it!  But no matter where I looked I could not find her recipe!  So I tried using this recipe as a vague guide:  Pepper Fries. Sorry this recipe was not very exact!   Next time I’m adding more liquid to the mustard mixture and more salt.

Should actually have 2 EGGS pictured!

I chopped up all these peppers (only ended up using one poblano, one bell pepper, and one jalepeno pepper) into strips.

Then I dunked them in these three bowls.

First I rolled them in flour, then the egg-mustard mixture, and last the breadcrumbs/parmesan cheese.

Then I threw them in the oven at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes.  They came out crispy and brown with juicy middles! Mmm…  The bell peppers had the most juicy inside since the pepper was much thicker than the poblano or jalepeno pepper.  But the other peppers I thought had a slightly better flavor.   They weren’t spicy at all, in case you were wondering! 😉


SO I have a question for you!  What is your favorite thing to eat covered in breading?

Food, glorious food!

24 Jun

So lately during my summer vacay I’ve become a stalker.  Yes, you read it right, a STALKER!   Well, of food blogs, that is.

I’m not sure what got me started, I must have searched some recipe online, but all I know now is there are about four different blogs that I can’t seem to get enough of. (not to mention all the recipes and pictures of food on them!)  I’ve always loved trying new dishes and ingredients so that helped spark my interest in the following blogs. Both of which are vegan. Hmmm…

One of my stalkees (is that even a word?!) is: Mamma Pea .
Her blog is just too cute! So are her two adorable daughters!  She has lots of delicious recipes, and even though she is vegan (I’m not) I can’t get enough of her blog!  I tried her green smoothies, and although I was initially skeptical about the spinach mixed with smoothie ingredients, you couldn’t even taste it!  I’ve already had them twice this past week.  And her food photos make me drool… 😛

And I’m not even going to mention her fabulous giveaway for Anthony Bourdain’s autographed book: “Medium Raw.” (oops, I mentioned it!) Go now!!

I’m not sure what has gotten into me with vegan blogs, but I’m also digging Chocolate-Covered Katie’s blog as well.  Did I mention she has gobs of sweet recipes, and CHOCOLATE all over her blog.  Can’t wait to try some more of her chocolate-covered goodness as well.  I have a huge sweet tooth so I know I’m going to be visiting her site often. 🙂  In fact, I’ve already tried her banana butter,  and I’m planning to have some chocolate protein cake tomorrow, that is if I can track down some canned pumpkin! (turns out after searching 3 aisles its a seasonal item at Walmart)

Those are my food blogs of the day! Tomorrow I’ll share my other recent favorite foodie blogs! And add some of my own favorite recipes!  Mmmmm….