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6 Aug

My main activity during this week in Michigan has been shopping!  Can anyone say shop-a-holic?! We’ve grocery shopped, market shopped, thrift store shopped, garage sale shopped, mall shopped, and IKEA shopped!  I bet the hubby is glad he stayed home this time! 😉

Here’s a few photo tidbits of our shopping expeditions!


This place is awesome for finding name brand clothing for garage sale prices! Just be prepared to dig around a little, it’s huge!

My sister and I found some funny t-shirts when we were scavenging for deals.  Here’s a goofy one that I liked (I have a thing for figure skating)

Another shirt we found- I bought it for myself since it was too small for the sis. 🙂 Kinda goofy, but I can work out in it.

We’re going back tomorrow morning before my flight leaves to go back home.  Why, you ask?! Because I didn’t look through their jeans, and its HALF PRICE day tomorrow! As if I’m not cheap enough…


We found a bunch of fresh veggies at a great price!  We spent less than $15 on several bags of veggies.  I wish there was a market where I live!

Beautiful flowers, wish I could take some home with me!

Me with a fresh basil bouquet


“ugly” (2nds) tomatoes

fingerling potatoes

“pickle” cucumbers

Me with a giant zucchini and squash, 25 cents each!


okay, so my contact was bothering my eye the whole time we were at the mall, so I ended up wearing sunglasses inside because my drippy, wet, red and mascara-less eye was too gross to be seen by strangers.  Obviously there were no pics taken of me.  I did get a couple of dress pants, my “teacher-wear” once school starts in two weeks.  My brother scored a bunch of clothes though, which is the reason we went to the mall in the first place.  He bought himself a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses at the mall, so he submitted happily to the torture of three women trying to dress him like a Ken doll. 😉

Three of my favorite people: Bro, Mom and Sis


I really like this dining set! And I absolutely LOVE their entertainment sectionals! Will they fit in my suitcase?

Almost time to go back home and my suitcase is popping at the seams! My mom even has a box ready to send back to me with some of the stuff I bought while I was visiting! I’ll miss my family, but I can’t wait to get back to my own little family in Texas; the Hubby and our little pup!