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6 Aug

My main activity during this week in Michigan has been shopping!  Can anyone say shop-a-holic?! We’ve grocery shopped, market shopped, thrift store shopped, garage sale shopped, mall shopped, and IKEA shopped!  I bet the hubby is glad he stayed home this time! 😉

Here’s a few photo tidbits of our shopping expeditions!


This place is awesome for finding name brand clothing for garage sale prices! Just be prepared to dig around a little, it’s huge!

My sister and I found some funny t-shirts when we were scavenging for deals.  Here’s a goofy one that I liked (I have a thing for figure skating)

Another shirt we found- I bought it for myself since it was too small for the sis. 🙂 Kinda goofy, but I can work out in it.

We’re going back tomorrow morning before my flight leaves to go back home.  Why, you ask?! Because I didn’t look through their jeans, and its HALF PRICE day tomorrow! As if I’m not cheap enough…


We found a bunch of fresh veggies at a great price!  We spent less than $15 on several bags of veggies.  I wish there was a market where I live!

Beautiful flowers, wish I could take some home with me!

Me with a fresh basil bouquet


“ugly” (2nds) tomatoes

fingerling potatoes

“pickle” cucumbers

Me with a giant zucchini and squash, 25 cents each!


okay, so my contact was bothering my eye the whole time we were at the mall, so I ended up wearing sunglasses inside because my drippy, wet, red and mascara-less eye was too gross to be seen by strangers.  Obviously there were no pics taken of me.  I did get a couple of dress pants, my “teacher-wear” once school starts in two weeks.  My brother scored a bunch of clothes though, which is the reason we went to the mall in the first place.  He bought himself a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses at the mall, so he submitted happily to the torture of three women trying to dress him like a Ken doll. 😉

Three of my favorite people: Bro, Mom and Sis


I really like this dining set! And I absolutely LOVE their entertainment sectionals! Will they fit in my suitcase?

Almost time to go back home and my suitcase is popping at the seams! My mom even has a box ready to send back to me with some of the stuff I bought while I was visiting! I’ll miss my family, but I can’t wait to get back to my own little family in Texas; the Hubby and our little pup!


The best grocery shopping day ever!

4 Aug

Hi friends, before you check out today’s post head on over to the following blogs and take a peek!

Caitlyn’s Operation Beautiful book just came out, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it!  Check out Mamma Pea’s blog to win a copy of Caitlyn’s book. Both these lovely ladies set a great example to women and girls everywhere with their promotion of healthy body image.  I strongly encourage you to check out their blogs and share in spreading inner beauty.

Now back to your regularly scheduled blog, 😉

I got to visit THREE of the best grocery stores ever yesterday! I told my mom that we HAD to plan a visit to Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods while I was visiting them.  Not only did we go to the two aforementioned groceries, but we also went to a new place called Plum Market (which is apparently only in select cities in Michigan) as well!  I’ve got to go back to try the fro-yo place nearby after hearing so much about foodie addictions to the icy, creamy goodness!

It was so much fun, and I got to try so many samples that I was stuffed!  I guess I’m glad that all these stores are hours, or states, away from me because I would probably spend way too much money on gourmet groceries!

The trip would have been worth it just from this purchase alone…

( Found at Whole Foods, 2 jars for $8.00!! Unfortunately the only kind my local store carries is White Chocolate Wonderful) Oh, and does anyone know whether pb is considered a “liquid/gel” for airline carry-on baggage requirements?  I definitely don’t want it confiscated on my way back home!

And check out this aisle of nut butters at Plum Market!

(Known to be loved by many food bloggers like Diana, Brandi, Julie, as well as Sheila, Katie, and Heather.)

But I was super excited to eat these,

(as seen on Mamma Pea’s Blog)


(can’t remember whose blog inspired me to buy Trader Joe’s muffins)


and these as well!

I’ve been enjoying all of these goodies- can you tell I have a sweet tooth?

So for breakfast today I had a yogurt mess, although it was too pretty to be called a “mess!”

It contained half a TJ’s Carrot & Ginger muffin, some vanilla yogurt, and sliced strawberries! Yum! It tasted like a healthy strawberry shortcake!

Lunch was this creation, from more items bought on the shopping spree! Mozzarella balls with spinach and roasted red pepper and goat cheese salsa on wheat toast. nom nom! Open so you can see the yumminess, and with a bite missing, cause I couldn’t wait!

For dinner, which I made, we had boiled green beans, and spaghetti with meat & veggie marinara. I basically just add a bunch of chopped up sauteed veggies (tonight was yellow bell pepper, garlic, and tomatoes) and spinach, as well as ground beef to a jar of spaghetti sauce.  I piled it all up on top of each other, yum!

So, What is your favorite thing to buy from Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods?

Have you ever tried any of the products I bought, and if so, what was your opinion?