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25 Jul

Totally random, but want to laugh? I came upon this blog post, and this slightly creepy, completely corny broccoli made me lol!

Click here to get your laugh on! For those of you brave enough to click on the link, let me know what you think!

I decided to get out of the house “early” for a Zumba class. Early being an 8:30am class! Ever since it seems like I’ve had a very productive day and a lot of energy!  I really enjoy working out in the morning.  When I came home it was a quick shower and off to a puppy play date!

I took Deco over to visit his buddy pug friend, “Luna” this morning.  Our friends live just four blocks away so we’ve been arranging all kinds of fun get-togethers. Its really neat to be able to walk to your friends’ house.  The last time I could do that I was probably ten years old!  Anyways, the doggies had so much fun.  They both LOVE to be in each other faces, giving kisses, instead of butt-sniffing like most dogs do!  It will be interesting to see they new dynamic of their doggy friendship as our puppy grows to be much larger than Luna.  Right now they are about the same height and weight.

Here are a few pics from their first meeting about a week and a half ago.

Playing Peek-aboo!

Playing around!

My fave! Puppy kisses!!

Happy and tuckered out from playing so hard!

Here is a recap of some of this week’s eats that weren’t posted!

Jessica’s Chocolate Banana Bread Muffins:

Wheaties “Fuel” Cereal with Almond milk, bloobs and pear

Wow, so delicious!! The almond milk and pear complement each other well, and I LOVE Wheatie’s Fuel cereal.

A green CHOCOLATE monster! I just added a lil’ cocoa powder and dark chocolate syrup.

A hummus-spinach-cheddar wrap with a spinach tortilla- really filling and yummy!

Eaten on my way to jury duty on Monday. Luckily I was dismissed!

What was the best thing you ate this week?