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Burritos, the French Woman and DFW

1 Aug

So I almost missed lunch today.

Not on purpose, of course, but I almost ran out of time!  I had over an hour and a half before my connecting flight to Detroit when I arrived at the Dallas/Ft. Worth airport, which seemed like plenty of time to find some lunch.  First I had to ride the skyline all the way from the C gates to the D gates.  It would seem like they would be adjacent to each other- you know, common sense alphabetical order? Somehow I still had to take the skyline and it went from C to E and THEN to the D gates!  When I finally found my gate I quickly scanned the area for a healthy food choice.  I decided to try 360 degree Gourmet Burritos.  It looked promising, they even had a veggie burrito with a whole wheat wrap!  It turned out to be a BAD choice.  It took FOREVER. There was only one girl working both the register AND making the burritos.  By the time I figured out that it would be a while before I got my order it was too late to find another place to eat.

I did get to listen in on an interesting conversation between a German woman from France, who lives in Dallas and a girl who was going on a trip to a foreign country talk about their travels, problems with people mispronouncing their names (both very unique names) and where they were traveling to. Before they left with their burritos the girl asked the German/French woman if she could be her friend on fb!! LOL  At least I was entertained while waiting!

A year later eventually I got my burrito and ran off to the gate as I knew they would already be boarding.  Luckily I got there with plenty of time.  By this time I was very hungry and was so impatient to eat my burrito that I started digging into it before we even took off.  It was pretty good with black beans, rice, and steamed? zucchini, squash, eggplant.  Of course I then somehow dripped salsa all over my shirt! And of course, I forgot to take a picture for the blog…

Sometimes you just can’t win. 😉