Fruit Overload!

17 Jul

Since life has been a little topsy-turvy lately due to some life-altering changes, like my new puppy, and my MIL moving in with us for a while after her surgery(oops, forgot to mention that, huh?).   Anyway, because of all the potentially “negative” (think patience-trying) things that come with these changes, I have decided to focus on the POSITIVE in my life.

This is actually only a small portion of the fruit that has been in our house this week!

– We have been given a LOT of fruit.  Think truckloads!  I exaggerate, more like basketfuls of fruit!  We actually had about 5 big bunches of bananas on our counter during the last week! Plums galore, oranges, strawberries, kiwis, pears, and cherries!  That’s not even counting the 4 papayas we (well, my MIL) were given!   I appreciate the bananas, etc, but I’m not a big fan of the papaya- I tried it once and it tasted like poo. Anyone have any papaya tips to share?

I froze a bunch of bananas for smoothies, and I’m planning to make some type of banana bread tomorrow.  I also plan on using them to make this for dessert tonight! (I know I’ve seen this on some food blogs I read- but couldn’t remember whose)

* I think I’m a pretty patient person. You HAVE to be when you teach Kinder through fifth graders.  But this summer’s experience is teaching me to be a little more patient and, dare I say it, *GASP, less selfish.  I didn’t think I was selfish, but challenges show you sides of yourself you didn’t know you had.  :-/

* Hubby’s Mom gave a gift I definitely wasn’t expecting.  She ordered us a Bullet Express Trio from a tv infomercial! She said it was a gift for our 2 year anniversary since she knew we (actually “I”) like to cook.  It was super sweet of her as it was not a cheap gift! Its a food processor, blender, and juicer all-in-one!  Well sort-of, because it has a lot of parts you have to switch out to use each different process. It has a LOT of parts and takes up a whole cabinet on its own, so initially the machine is very overwhelming!  Its still pretty neat, so I’ll be posting a review on it once I try all of its uses.  I’m pretty excited about the food processor attachment because I don’t have one, just a little tiny chopper. Last night we made fresh juice with the juicer attachment- cantaloupe juice and orange juice.  It was AWESOME, but cleaning the juicer not so much…  I tried making a smoothie in the blender, it came out super creamy, but didn’t blend the harder frozen ingredients very well, it took it a couple minutes.  Today I tried making hummus, and it came out super creamy and smooth.  I can’t wait to try all the attachments!

I’ll be back soon to let you know how all my “fruity” recipes turn out! 🙂

Bored?  Here are some awesome giveaways going on at some other food blogs!

-$40 CSN giftcard courtesy of Lil’ Veggie Patch

– Free Cookbook from The Broccoli Hut


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