These are a few of my favorite things! part I

13 Jul

Happy Tuesday! I would have posted yesterday, but I was summoned for jury duty (during my summer vacation!)- so I spent the morning in court.  I have to go back next Monday for my actual assignment- hopefully it doesn’t last too long or I won’t get to go on my short vacay to visit my parents in Michigan!

For today’s post I thought I would share a few of my all time favorite kitchen appliances and utensils that the crafty-foodie- musician uses all the time. This is part I of a series of posts giving my favorite kitchen appliances.

1.) Mr. Coffee Ice Tea Maker!

This is an all-time favorite! Growing up, whenever my Grandma would host get-togethers for the whole family she would whip out her Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker and make gallon after gallon of her (super) sweet tea.  We little ones loved the artificial sugary goodness and sucked it down, since tea is considered an “adult” drink.  That is one thing I could always expect, and still do whenever I go visit my grandmother in Ohio. My mom used to make sun tea when I was little, but when I was in my teens my mom purchased the tea maker as well. You just can’t beat the convenience and almost instant gratification of it! The best part about it is it only costs $17. at Walmart!  (*note: I’m not being endorsed to review this product, I just use it all the time!)

So naturally when I got out on my own I HAD to have one to make my very own tea. Hubby LOVES this- he’s still being weaned off of flavored beverages (namely diet pepsi) so its nice to have a healthier alternative! I use two parts black tea to 1 part green tea. You can adjust how strong the tea is brewed by moving a knob on the front of the machine.

2.) George Foreman Grill-

This amazing contraption is a life saver when it comes to  eating healthy on busy days!  It heats up quickly, cooks food without added grease, and at cooks food at lightning speeds! (about 7-10 minutes average)  Definitely a much better option than the microwave!  It’s not just for meat either, it can easily be used to grill vegetables also! I recommend giving it a try.  Also, I think it’s worth spending a little extra to get the grill with detachable plates.  SO much easier to clean!

I will post some more favorites tomorrow, but in the mean time,

–>What is your FAVORITE kitchen appliance or utensil?

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