Mooo! (How far would you go for FREE food?)

11 Jul

So how far would you go for some free chicken?  or more specifically for some FREE Chic-fil-A?  Would you dress like a cow?  I did!

Friday was “Cow Appreciation” Day.  How many of you hugged a bovine? 😉  Chic-fil-A was celebrating by giving away free meals to anyone who came dressed like their mascot, a cow!  (cowgirl voice) Well I done roped a couple friends into joining me, along with their little heifers to come on down and get some free grub!

I had donned a cow mask and spots back in July 2008, when I was bored, hubby was at work and I wanted some free chicken, so I went all by my lonesome.  This year was much more fun!

Me, 2008

Me this year: a more natural cow

My friend Hannah and her little boy Karsten came with me and our other friend Hannah (it gets confusing sometimes!) and her baby girl, Bethany, came along too.  The restaurant was packed and the drive-thru line wrapped all the way around the building, almost into the street.  I guess us valley folks gotta have our chicken! It was worth it to get all that juicy, succulent chicken though!  Even the baby was given a free kids meal (and he’s too young to eat it!) =more nuggets for his mommy!

My FREE meal! I got their original chicken sandwich, waffle fries and diet coke.  Not all that healthy, I know, but hey it WAS my free food day!

I’m so glad they went with me because my hubby thinks I’m crazy, and a cheapskate when I go all out for free food.  I tried to get him to go backwith me for dinner, but he told me to moooove on. 😉

So let me know, how far would you/will you go to get FREE food?

AND, what was the best thing you ever got for FREE?

One Response to “Mooo! (How far would you go for FREE food?)”

  1. dianacheung July 12, 2010 at 1:28 pm #

    hahahahah. I’ve never gone to extremes for free food like dressing up but I have gotten free stuff at sushi restaurants or regular restaurants randomly..I think they see my camera and assume I’m a food critic!

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