When the World gets Topsy Turvy…

1 Jul

Well, just when I thought my summer was going to be lazy and uneventful…

(WARNING: this post has absolutely nothing to do with music, or food, so continue at your own risk!)

1.) We decided to get a puppy 🙂

We’re waiting to get him, any day now from Cinderella Pet Rescue, a no-kill animal shelter nearby. He is tan and black, and who knows what breed- my guess is lab/shepherd/rottie?  He’s three months old, and was dumped in a box with his five other siblings. 😦 I can’t believe how ugly people can be sometimes to poor defenseless animals-  some of the puppies even have burn marks on their legs that seem to be  from cigarette burns.  Sorry, I don’t have a picture yet. I forgot to take one when we were there.  But here’s a cute puppy picture to hold you over until then: 🙂

2.) Hurricane Alex was headed straight for us 😦 You can track him here.

We had to reinforce part of our fence to make sure it wouldn’t fall down, pick up any objects that could blow around, and finish cleaning up the brush in our yard, which we were straightening up before puppy comes.

Luckily for us Hurricane Alex ended up going more south, into Mexico, so far we’ve just had strong winds and rain.-keeping fingers crossed!

3.) The hubby’s mom went into the ER on Monday night after being in a car accident 😦

Obviously I didn’t take pictures of this.  We stayed at the hospital from 9pm- 4am with her on Monday- we were both exhausted! She went in because of the accident, but the Drs found a mass in her abdomen that they are testing, so we’re not really sure what is going on right now.  It’s really hard on my hubby, especially since he’s the only child, and his parents are divorced, so the full weight and responsibility fall on his shoulders.  I can see him trying to be really strong for the rest of the family, but its really difficult for him.

We’re really having to put all of this in God’s hands, since we can’t control the puppy, hurricane, or my MIL’s health issues. (okay, so I guess we can take care of the puppy thing! 😉  I’ve been praying a LOT lately and putting my trust in Him, since things are out of my control right now.  Which is especially hard since I’m a perfectionist and always need to control and manage everything.  Thanks for reading and letting me share tough things with you.

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