about me…

9 Jun

So here’s a little about my life.  Some would call it busy, and other boring- I think its a little of both! But I can be sure that everyday has surprises in store!

Most of my day is kept busy being an elementary music teacher for grades Kinder through fifth grade.  You just never know what to expect on a day to day basis! You may not realize this but being an elem. music teacher doesn’t just mean teaching music! It means I have to be an artist, disciplinarian, costume designer, dancer, singer, work the sound system, cafeteria/lunch duty, plus much more!  It can be difficult, but also a lot of fun when the kids are cooperative and doing well!  I see anywhere from 5-11 classes a day, for 30 minutes each.  Kinda crazy on days when I have classes back to back, from 1st, then Kinder, then 2nd, then 5th! Definitely takes some planning!

After school (because I enjoy it, and to help make end meet) I teach private piano lessons at a local Piano store.  Some of my kiddos have been studying with me for over four years already!  I really enjoy seeing the progress my once four years olds are making (now age 8!)

Evenings for me consist of making dinner, going to the gym, or working on my etsy store.  (www.whispersofwhimsy.etsy.com)  Hubby is in Grad school getting a degree in Information Technology, so are schedules are a little weird right now.

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